7 Classic Disney Characters You Had No Idea Were Modelled On Real People

7. The Vultures In The Jungle Book Are The Beatles

Disney/United Artists

The Characters: The last film Walt Disney personally oversaw, his adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book is an entertaining film with multiple instantly recognisable songs, despite sadly lacking the intense charm some of the previous films has. For the most part, it accurately adapts the famous novel. One of the major changes made was the complete alteration of the vulture characters; in the book they're (understandably) rather nasty characters, but with their mop-topped design the film made them much more comical quartet.

The Real People: C'mon, it''s obvious. By the time development of The Jungle Book began Beatlemania had already hit big on both sides of the Atlantic and in an uncharacteristic move, Walt wanted to go for a celebrity slant in the movie. The original plan was for The Beatles to actually voice the birds, but scheduling conflicts interfered. In the end though, they still bear a startling resemblance to the band.


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