7 Clever Ways Movies Hid Their Stunt Doubles

It's not all shaky cam and fast-paced cuts.

Universal Pictures

One of the most overlooked creative forces involved in movie production is undoubtedly Hollywood's army of stunt performers, who regularly risk their lives to deliver quality entertainment to our cinema screens.

With writing, acting and directing taking up the bulk of film criticism - and awards shows forgetting about stunts, despite honouring everything from makeup to sound mixing - stunt doubles just don't get the attention they deserve, despite being a crucial factor in helping a film feel polished and professional.

In a way though, the fact that they don't get much attention is almost a good thing. The whole point of stunt performers is to blend into a shot without the audience noticing, and so, because they're not meant to be seen, Hollywood has to get creative with how it elects to stage and shoot these particular moments.

Whether it's through CGI, clever use of camera angles or smart costume changes, a lot of effort goes into masking the presence of stunt doubles on-screen, and you've no doubt failed to spot them yourself, even in movies you've seen dozens of times over.


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