7 Comedians Who Completely Botched Their Transition to Film

7. Jimmy Fallon

The most affable man on television, Jimmy Fallon wormed his way into the hearts of Saturday Night Live viewers with his inability to say anything remotely funny without immediately laughing afterward. His ventures into film have been scattershot affairs, likely suffering from the lack of a live audience to pal around with. Really, Jimmy Fallon just isn't an actor. He's a very nice man who had brief moments of genius on SNL, but he's clearly more suited for his hosting gig on The Tonight show, playing party games with pop culture icons. His first starring vehicle, Taxi, was basically an acting exercise that should have remained unfilmed. It had the misfortune of co-starring Queen Latifah at the tail end of her career, which only helped emphasise the bland script. His next go-round, Fever Pitch, was pleasant enough (as any movie with Drew Barrymore is), but it's hard not to think Fallon was just doing his late-period Adam Sandler impression through its duration. If film cameras ever captured a truly great performance from Fallon, it's more likely to be in the Blooper Reels.
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