7 Craziest Film Fan Theories (That Actually Make Total Sense)

5. Andy's Deadbeat Dad

No Country For Old Men

Where is Andy’s dad in the original Toy Story movie? 

It’s odd… there aren’t any pictures of him in the house – plenty of Andy and his baby sister Molly, a couple of their mother, but none of their father. Something must have happened fairly recently – Molly’s only about a year old. If he’d died, the pictures would still be up and Andy’s welfare after the loss would still be one of the main topics of conversation amongst his toys, especially Woody.

He never appears in any of the films, and he’s never mentioned by anyone in any of the films, including the toys. If he was still a part of Andy and Molly’s life, that wouldn’t be the case – and during the events of the first film, Andy, Molly and their mother are engaged in moving to another, smaller house.

The only logical explanation is that, fairly recently, Andy’s father has walked out on them all, and isn’t coming back. That also explains Woody’s pathological need to be the perfect toy for Andy… he’s overcompensating for the lack of an appropriate male role model in the boy’s life.


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