7 Creepy Lighthouses Featured In Horror Films

Don't be afraid of the dark; be afraid of the light.


A symbol of both safety and danger, the lighthouse sits amongst the rocky coast, with only a few keepers and the sea for company. You may not know why, but this simple building makes you feel… uneasy.

From scarier Doctor Who episodes like The Horror of Fang Rock, to the twisted Junji Ito manga, Uzumaki, horror has always been attracted to the humble lighthouse.

But it’s not just TV and comics that have seen the allure. Whether it’s their odd architecture, or their isolated placement, the lighthouse is the perfectly creepy location to set a horror movie in. And, over the years, there have been many films that have chosen to do so.

From bloody massacres that mark the fall of civilisation, to a lighthouse keeper’s descent into madness, to the arrival of a deadly fog; there are many varied and vicious examples of the lighthouse used to further a horror film with it’s unique brand of spooky symbolism.

Whether it’s a small cameo, or the film’s main location, the lighthouse is a welcome and unsettling edition to these films.


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