7 Film Remakes That Were Actually Necessary

The originals are good, but the remakes are the ones we remember!

The word €œremake€ leaves a sour taste in everyone€™s mouth these days as more and more classic films are being rehashed for all the wrong reasons, even though that doesn€™t necessarily mean all remakes of classic movies are bad. Scarface, The Departed, and True Grit are considered some of the best remakes of all time, and yes while these movies are in fact great, the original films were also great and didn€™t really need to be remade in the first place. The original and preferred concept for remaking a film is to take an underachieving movie that had great potential and remake it into something great. Two important factors that justify a film being remade are whether or not the original is terribly dated in overall style or the original is relatively unknown. Also, the remake must bring something new while respecting the original. Ever see a film with an overall great concept but it just didn€™t live up to the expectations or flat out failed miserably? Or maybe a decent film that€™s just very dated and hasn€™t aged well over the years? These types of films deserve a second chance and we as an audience should be welcoming to this. Here are the seven remakes that were actually necessary€

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