7 Finest Movie Smokables

Got a light? Smoking might kill, but it sure makes for some memorable moments on screen.

Smoking Kills. It's a well known fact and purely undeniable. Sure, we all hate the smell of smoke and it really isn't cool, but what we have to accept is that smoking on film is undeniably brilliant. Just think about it, nothing defines a character like their choice of smokable. We all love Bender in Futurama, and his 31st Century Zuban cigars are his trademark. The classic detective Sherlock Holmes has a funny hat (which we all secretly want), but also a memorable pipe to puff on. And look at the A-Team's Hannibal: he loves a good cigar as much as he loves it when a plan comes together. All our favourite characters love to smoke, and all our favourite characters appear in Hollywood. Pipes, cigars and cigarettes have appeared in movies since the early days of cinema. WW2 agent Rick must smoke about 50 packs in Casablanca alone. Even in the contemporary world, smoking finds its way into film. Johnny Depp in The Tourist happily draws on an E-Cig whilst flirting with Angelina Jolie. Smoking might kill, but it makes for some memorable moments on screen. Got a light? Let's take a look at some of the finest movie smokables...

I like writing about films and hope you like reading about them too. And watching them, of course.