7 Greedy Actors Who Didn't Return For The Sequel

7 Greedy Actors We've all seen it dozens of times. The first movie in a sure-to-be successful film franchise is released to critical and financial acclaim. A sequel is green-lit and fast-tracked. The first one was great, the cast was great, and the audience expects to see everyone back for the second go-around. And then we hear the dreaded words: salary dispute. One or more of the actors feel they weren't paid enough in the first movie and now they're demanding more money. Sometimes the studios give in and pay what the actors ask for. Other times there are months of negotiations before both parties settle on a compromise. And other times the studios decide not to bring that actor back at all. We'll be taking a look at some of our most notoriously greedy actors that did not appear in the sequel and/or the greedy studios that screwed them over or refused to pay. I'll try not to make any judgments or cast any aspersions as who's right or wrong in these cases. We all know that greed is prevalent in Hollywood and as long as studios are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money to actors and audiences are willing to pay ever increasing ticket prices, then Gordon Gekko's philosophy will continue to be the way of the (capitalistic) world: Greed is good.

John Strubelt is a Lego maniac, amateur linguist, fiction writer, and poet. He holds an honorary degree in pop culture studies, specializing in film trilogies, science fiction, '80s music, and Woody Allen's early, funny movies.