7 Harry Potter Fan Theories J.K. Rowling Debunked (And 3 She Approved)

The Creator of the Wizarding World responds to the best Potterverse theories...

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The depth of the Harry Potter universe is truly extraordinary. Movies, books, podcasts, games, stage plays, studio tours, Pottermore: there's an insane amount of lore to soak up, and so many nerdy discussions to be had.

With any fictional reality of this size and popularity, there are inevitably going to be some things that don't make sense, some potential gaps in logic, and lots and lots of question marks. Potter is no different here, but fortunately, where there are question marks, there are fans filling in the blanks.

Considering the unbridled love and passion many fans have for this series, there are hundreds of intriguing fan theories floating around online, some silly, and some genuinely convincing. Very rarely, creator of the wizarding world J.K. Rowling will actually address these theories herself, either giving them two giant Hagrid-sized thumbs up, or treating them like Horcruxes and destroying them.

So keep at it Potterheads. One day, if you persist, your theory that you worked on for weeks might be absolutely crushed by the one woman who has all the answers. Or, you might catch her on a good day. Let's look at the debunked theories first...


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