7 Horror Movies Connected By Easter Eggs

Shaun of the Land of the Dead...?

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Whether you like your eggs boiled, scrambled, or sunny-side up, it's undeniable that the very best ones are those found in the murky depths of movies.

They might be far less tasty and probably a bit sticky thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow, but when dressed up as little nods to the films that inspired them, or functioning as full-blown secret subplots, there's nothing more satisfying than spotting the humble movie easter egg. And that's especially true of horror movies, since spotting fan-nods in the middle of watching people getting torn apart on screen seems far gnarlier than your average scavenger hunt.

Looking at the ones that connect the worlds we know and love then, these are the moments in horror movies that tie them into other franchises - essentially proving we live in the Matrix of interconnected universes that house multiple serial killers. Lovely, that.

From hidden props to director nods, to recurring characters, whilst it might not be steadfast evidence of one giant horror universe, it's still great fun to pull apart exactly how they could slot together in some way.


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