7 Major Reveals From The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Prequel Comics

7. Batman's Brutal Reign Of Terror

When a couple of crooks team up with Firefly to burn down a factory, they quickly get to talking about Batman. Revealing that he stuck to the shadows in the early days of his career, taking out criminals before they even saw him, they go on to mention that he's changed, becoming more violent and making his presence felt to those he comes to in contact with. While it initially appears as if the thing which altered the Dark Knight's perspective may have been the death of Jason Todd, it instead sounds as if Batman has actually ramped up his war on crime since the battle between Superman and General Zod in Metropolis. The duo speculate that seeing that sort of destruction has led to the him becoming more determined to ensure something like that never happens in Gotham City, and that is emphasised by the way Batman later takes down Firefly in a swift and brutal fashion. In fact, Batman is so violent that a flashback reveals he crippled someone, and while the two guys doing all this talking quickly surrender to him, they still find themselves beaten to a pulp. It's no wonder then that the Man of Steel feels like he needs to interject in this one man war on crime when Batman v Superman kicks off. This comic also appears to debunk recent reports of Batman being a killer too.
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