7 Most Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV Right Now (Nov 2nd)

Who doesn't want a family friendly Deadpool movie?! WHAT?!

Deadpool 2

The big and small screen industries have now got to the stage where there's so much money to go after that people are throwing curve-balls all over the place. For instance, horror icon Elvira turned up hosting Storage Wars this week, Tyler Perry is somehow being allowed to CHOOSE to retire Madea and Nic Cage is back "on form" with a movie about his dead wife possessing the comatose daughter of a medium to gain revenge. He can't be stopped.

And those are just some of the more outrageous things happening that didn't even make the list. Just imagine what delights lie within this week's inaugural Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV column. There's death, there's wigs and there's people wilfully ruining their own movies for some reason.

But first, some music...

7. The Greatest (Worst) Movie Song Video Emerged

Nightmare On My Street 3
Gregory Harrison

Back in 1988, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith (then going by The Fresh Prince), recorded "A Nightmare On My Street" as a sort of ode to Freddy Krueger, which was considered for but rejected from inclusion on the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Probably because the song is awful, to be honest.

Apparently unconcerned, the pair still released the song, prompting New Line Cinema to sue them for copyright infringement and forcing the record label to destroy the video. They eventually settled out of court, and the Prince and Jeff had to include a disclaimer on the album it came from starting "[This song] is not part of the soundtrack...and is not authorized, licensed, or affiliated with the Nightmare on Elm Street films."

Strangely, thirty years on from that case, the video, which was directed by Scott Kalvert and had been long-thought lost, turned up on YouTube out of the blue. It is really quite something, featuring a bastardised version of Freddy Krueger they seem to have just invented for the video.

I'd say enjoy it, but it's not really that kind of thing...

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