7 Movie Characters Everyone Hates On For The Wrong Reasons

Do these hated movie characters really deserve all the crap that tends to fly their way?

There's something brilliantly cathartic about hating on certain movie characters, especially when the character in question is a total a*shole and has been created entirely to serve that purpose. Our inherent desire to watch said character meet their comeuppance at the hands of the protagonist regularly offers us with a welcomed dose of the "aw, yeahs" - we freakin' love it! Sometimes, of course, we end up hating characters that writers and filmmakers never intended for us to dislike at all - take Jar Jar Binks, for example, a character who pretty much serves as the poster boy for hated fictional creations everywhere (and has done since 1999), but was thought-up by a George Lucas who genuinely believed that the world was going to adore this guy. On the opposite end of that spectrum, though, are those characters who we've all ended up hating as a result of reading their motives or characters wrong, or because the movie in question didn't make it clear enough as to whether or not we were supposed to root for them or spend hours on the internet afterwards ranting and raving about their questionable behaviour. So here are 7 movie characters who fall into the realms this controversial category: characters who the population have collectively decided to hate upon, for reasons that don't even exist...

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