7 Movie Parodies That Somehow Happened For Real

Spectre literally copied an Austin Powers plot twist.

Dr Evil Goldmember Blofeld Spectre

It's fair to say that the parody movie has largely fallen out of favour in recent years, because in the age of social media and memes, the best jokes about hit films have already been endlessly re-tweeted within mere hours of them hitting cinemas.

But there's no denying the brilliance of classic parodies which perfectly capture - and enthusiastically mock - the style, tone, characters, and plot of their inspiration, while playfully exaggerating their most iconic features.

However, very occasionally the parody will take on a most bizarre and unexpected life of its own, with a disposable or thoroughly tongue-in-cheek gag finding new life in a future entry of the very thing it was actually lampooning.

These parody movies had some of their most memorable jokes turn out far truer than they ever expected, proving bafflingly prophetic despite how utterly ridiculous they seemed on paper.

And that, truly, is when a parody ascends to become something more than mere mud-slinging at a hit franchise...


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