7 Movie Scenes So Extreme They Made Actors Quit

2. Melanie Griffith Feared Lions Might Eat Her (And She Was Almost Right) - Roar

Melanie Griffith Roar
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This infamous Tippi Hedren-starring 1981 exploitation film revolves around a family being attacked by a fleet of animals in their secluded jungle home, and is often given the dubious credit of the most dangerous film shoot in history.

Production took 11 years in total, with over 70 cast and crew members being injured by the live and often untrained animals on set.

Notably, Hedren received a fractured leg and scalp wounds, director Noel Marshall contracted gangrene from his own injuries, cinematographer Jan de Bont was almost scalped by a lion and required 220 stitches, and assistant director Doron Kauper had his throat bitten open. And that's just the beginning.

It ultimately became too much for Hedren's daughter Melanie Griffith, who also played her daughter in the movie. She quit the film after witnessing two lions fighting, telling her mother, "I don’t want to come out of this with half a face."

Griffith was eventually coaxed back to the production, however, and her fears very nearly came to pass, as she was mauled by a lion while shooting a scene.

The lion only left the actress alone after her brother John leapt on the floor to distract the animal, and Griffith ended up requiring 50 stitches and plastic surgery after initial fears she might lose an eye.

Clearly, Mel should've trusted her prior instincts.

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