7 Movies That Secretly Give Away The Plot At The Very Start

These films need their own spoiler alert.

Spoilers are everywhere. Carelessly thrown into trailers or stupidly revealed through tie-in merchandise, ruinous details can come unexpectedly from any source at any time. Even if you live on Mars, in a cave, with your fingers in your ears and your eyes shut it's still pretty much impossible to avoid learning a movie's plot ahead of release.

You may think that if you resist clicking on all the pre-release leaks, manage to steer clear of the spoiler-filled post-release discussion and actually get into the cinema without hearing a single word of story, that you're safe. But you'd be wrong - sometimes the biggest source of a spoiler is the movie itself.

Filmmakers just love to throw sneaky references to later events into their movies, showing off their brilliant screenwriting skills. And while most of the time these are subtle hints you'd never realistically pick up on without already knowing what's going to happen, sometimes these reveals are so blatant you'll kick yourself for not noticing the first time round.

We're not talking tiny little clues (think the flashes of Tyler Durden before the imaginary friend's actual introduction in Fight Club), but moments of blatant foreshadowing that serve as a microcosm of the entire film. Here are seven such movies that give away their plot in the first twenty minutes (give or take).


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