7 Notable Movie Plot Holes That Were Explained In Deleted Scenes

prometheus_hd_stills_milburn_and_hammerpede Our inherent obsession with plot holes seems to derive from the notion that we, as a race of human beings, take a certain pride in trying to unravel movies for reasons of superiority. Just kidding: they're just a bit of fun, aren't they? And according to the internet and people who have a lot of time on their hands, no single movie is immune to a plot hole or two. Still, mistakes happen from time to time, and they can't always be helped... Occasionally, though, a plot hole so dumb and so senseless will make itself known to the filmic community, and from then on it's just sort of impossible to continue watching the movie without shouting at the screen and telling the characters to just sort it out, don't you see that this doesn't make sense you stupid characters? Ahem. We generally blame screenwriters for plot holes, because those are the guys who are supposed to make sure these things don't happen in the first place, aren't they? A lot of the time, those greasy nerds are to blame, but not always: sometimes an editor or a director might evoke to remove a scene that was written and shot because it didn't seem essential, though it actually served to explain what later emerged as a bizarre plot hole. Here's 7 movie plot holes that were explained in scenes that ended up getting deleted, therefore rendering people insane with high volumes of both curiosity and confusion. Maybe it's time to go back and put some of these scenes in, huh? You know, for clarity's sake...
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