7 Notable Movie Plot Holes That Were Explained In Deleted Scenes

5. The Mac OS/Alien Mothership Debacle - Independence Day

independence-day-jeff-goldblum-will-smithThe Plot Hole: "How in God's name does David Levinson use Mac OS 7.6 to upload a virus to an alien mothership?" The Deleted Scene: Anybody who happens to be in possession of both a brain and a DVD of Independence Day must have wondered (hopefully out loud) how, during the film's climax, David Levinson, an MIT-educated computer expert, manages to upload a virus he made on his Macintosh computer to an alien mothership? I mean, these computers aren't even from the same worlds. It just doesn't make a single bit of sense, even if you don't know anything about computers. The person who wrote the script for Independence Day at least realised this problem, though, and spent a good 7 minutes trying to explain how that process may or may not work. Unfortunately, the scene - which has Levinson essentially telling the audience that he's been able to decipher the alien language and make it compatible using a spaceship from a Roswell crash site - was cut. From there, it's up to your brain to figure out what he did next, because nobody can really make this plot hole work, but at least somebody tried to make sense out of it, even if it was deemed too unimportant for the final cut. I can't track this down anywhere online, but it does exist on the DVD for Independence Day. Look it up, if this kind of thing is still bugging you for some reason.
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