7 "Perfect" Movie Endings That Are Way More Contrived Than You Think

Even some of cinema's best and most appreciated endings might not hold up under close scrutiny.

There's no denying that the end of a movie is one of the - if not the - most important parts of any motion picture experience. It's the point at which everything you've been striving towards for the sum of two or three or even four hours comes to a kind of definite climax - a chance for the director to give a closing statement of sorts, and send you on your way with something to think about or ponder over (or not, as the case may be: we're looking at you, Mr. Michael Bay). One thing that all movies have in common, regardless of their quality, is that they eventually come to an end, then (unless the film in question was directed by D.W. Griffith - phew!). Endings are often controversial, of course, because they mark the last point at which we're invited to be part of the fictional world depicted on-screen, and an ambiguous ending can often prove unsatisfying. As a result of that, it's rare that movie-goers find themselves staring into what the general populace might deem to be a "perfect" ending - an ending that ties up the cinematic experience that preceded it in a seemingly faultless way, and has you leaving the theatre feeling like the writer or director really knew what they were doing. But even some of cinema's best and most appreciated endings might not hold up under close scrutiny. Here's 7 for your consideration...

Honourable Mention: Giant T-Rex Finds It Way Into The Building To Fend Off Evil Velociraptors - Jurassic Park

Not included on the main list, because, hey, this one has been covered so many times, it's probably not even considered to be all that interesting nowadays - you know what we're talking about, though: in the final big scene of the movie, a T-Rex turns up to rescue Alan Grant and his companions from velociraptor death... how did that monstrous lizard manage to find its way into the building, though? Surely he's much too big, even if he did conveniently come through that unbuilt section in the back of the room? Does anybody even care anymore? CLOSE THE PARK.

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