7 Reasons Men Need To Relax About The New Ghostbusters Movie

7. Remakes Are Nothing New (And They'll Always Be Here)

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There seems to be this ongoing assumption that the past decade has been the first time in film history that remakes have become popular. There is a general frustration with unoriginal properties, and angry men have been using this fatigue to justify their rage for an all-female Ghostbusters film.

But the claim is garbage. There is nothing new about this remake fever in Hollywood because working with existing properties is the lifeblood of the industry. Hollywood has built its wealth on remakes, adaptations, reboots, and blatant plagiarism since the very dawn of modern movie production.

Just take half a minute to Google Hollywood remakes. The lists are astonishing long and the films that populate them weren’t all produced in the past decade. Even ridiculous titles you wouldn’t expect, have multiple remakes and adaptations. Over the past century, there have been eleven different versions of Robin Hood alone, despite the fact you can count the good ones on one finger. And since 1982, there has inexplicably been three filmed versions of the Broadway musical Annie - as if the world didn’t quite understand the message the first time round.

If your argument is that you’re sick of remakes or reboots, then you’re going to have a hard time watching anything for the rest of your life, because remakes run Hollywood and adaptation fuels art. Just embrace it - or make your own movie.

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