7 Recently Confirmed Truths You Didn't Know About Famous Movies

4. Heather Donahue Feared The Blair Witch Project Was A Snuff Film

The Blair Witch Project
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In the lead-up to the release of 2016's Blair Witch reboot, the star of the original movie, Heather Donahue, was interviewed about her experiences working on the iconic 1999 original.

She confessed that she had some concerns about the mysterious, low-fi nature of the production. "I brought a giant knife because everybody who loved me was telling me, 'You should not do this. This sounds like a snuff film. Why are you going into the woods with a bunch of guys you don't know?'"

Considering that Donahue was working with a no-name cast and crew and was the only prominent woman in the film, the concerns were certainly reasonable. Donahue added, "My mom was like, 'Please get their social security numbers. We really don't want you to do this.' Nobody wanted me to do this."

Though the movie's marketing ingeniously leaned into the faux-authenticity of the found footage style, The Blair Witch Project of course ended up becoming an ultra-successful pop-culture phenomenon - and most certainly not a snuff film - which benefited from Donahue's suitably hysterical performance.

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