7 Scenes Introducing A Superhero That Completely Nailed It

"Your entrance was good, his was better."

At the middle of the Venn diagram of overused movie tropes of the minute is the overlap between 'reboot' and 'superhero' - the origin story. When done poorly, an origin story simply regurgitates a familiar story that most of us all know, and as such the origin story takes a lot of flak for being an easy way of starting up a franchise. However, done well, an origin story that cuts to the core of what makes a particular superhero great can produce something really special. The scenes in this article may not be the very beginning of that character's origin, but they represent a key moment in their development and very probably the moment that audiences were completely sold on whatever that character had to offer - even if they're not a completely faithful adaptation of the character as they appear in the comic books

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