7 Science Facts That Ruin Your Favourite Movies (But 2 That Make It All Better)

8. Gravity: She Would Be Wearing A Nappy

Sandra Bullock Gravity
Warner Bros.

Sandra Bullock's rather skimpy little number in Gravity is certainly visually pleasing in an Ellen Ripley kind of way, but the unfortunate reality is a lot more practical and a lot less sexy.

During a talk show interview, strangely tasty astronaut Chris Hadfield revealed what astronauts actually wear under their suits:

"Inside our spacesuit we’re wearing like a Halloween costume which is a liquid cooling garment, and big boy pull-up diapers underneath. You come out, you’ve been sweating in there for eight hours, your hair looks like rat fur."

He also got into the nitty gritty of how astronauts do their laundry, and the answer is that they don't. Rather than attach a laundrette to the space station, its crew simply wear their clothes until they're just too foisty to bear, then jettison them to burn up on reentry.

Given the state of abject panic Bullock's character spends most of Gravity in, you can bet that that coolant-imbued-adult-diaper-suit would most certainly need to be incinerated in the Earth's atmosphere as soon as humanly possible, if you catch our drift.


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