7 Science Fiction Movies That Embarrass The Genre

These Godawful movies make a serious case for humanity retiring the sci-fi movie for good.

Science fiction is great. It really is. You can probably figure out how much I personally love it from this article - sure, maybe I'm a little biased towards it. However, we should all be aware that this genre has a rather large amount of feature films to its name that should probably be forbidden by law. I want to take some time out to tell you about them. Some of these are worse than the others, so I have listed them by their quality (as well as by the criticism that they have received during their lifetime). These movies are the trashiest of the trashy kind and you€™d do well to simply circumvent them all. If you are a true SF fan, regardless of any warning you might have gotten, your curiosity will get the best of you and you€™ll end up seeing some of these in one way or another. When it comes to that point, think of these movies as twisted comedies that are somehow funny without trying to be funny. You'll have a good laugh or two, and it's the best protection I can offer any of you who chose to go down that path (regardless of my warnings)...

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