7 Times Comic Book Movies Had Crossovers Before Marvel

4. Wait, X-Men And Fantastic Four Were In The Same Universe?

There was a lot of talk ahead of the release of last year's Fant4stic over whether this new take on Marvel's First Family would tie into the X-Men, Fox's other big superhero franchise. Obviously as the movie sank faster than the Thing in the open ocean that's never going to happen now, although even if things had worked out a bit differently for Josh Trank's movie it still wouldn't be the first time that the two superhero teams had met cinematically,

In the Extended Cut of Fantastic Four (Tim Story vintage), there's a scene where, while trying to woo Sue Storm, Reed Richards changes his face to look like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. The CGI is shocking (it was originally a deleted scene) and the justification is flimsy (something to do with Reed thinking Sue wants a tough guy), but it marks one of the earliest cases of a movie studio consciously trying to work separate properties together on the big screen.

Taking this in-joke seriously, this means that the two early F4 movies were in the original X-Men continuity, which is a pretty big deal. Perhaps there could have eventually been a crossover between the two series, if only both hadn't taken a nosedive with The Last Stand and Rise Of The Silver Surfer respectively (boy, Fox have made some duds, haven't they).


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