7 Times David Lynch Confused The Hell Out Of Us

6. "The Third Place" PlayStation 2 Adverts

There's no doubt that Lynch has a unique imagination, one that's unlike most other directors. His bold visuals might confuse the hell out of the viewer, but they sure make them sit up and take notice of what's on screen. To that end, Lynch being involved in advertising - an industry that lives or dies on making people take notice - is a match made in heaven.

Directing commercials appears to be a particular favourite of Lynch too, as he keeps coming backing to them time and time again (and we're sure it can't just be about the money). He's directed adverts for all kinds of clients from Swiss cigarette companies, to New York city sanitation, and even Clear Blue. Yes, there really is a David Lynch directed advert for a home pregnancy test.

One of his best-remembered adverts though, was his "The Third Place" series promoting PlayStation 2. With Sony looking for something different to advertise their new console, Lynch was clearly the right "different" man for the job. He interjected usually pragmatic video game advertising, with his trademark off-beat weirdness and of course, the infamous talking duck.


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