8 'Yeah, Science!' Moments In Film And TV

From 'Her' to 'The Hitchhiker's Guide', here are Hollywood's soppy love notes to science.

The Martian Matt Damon Funny
20th Century Fox

It is too often the case that I will sit here and whinge about the gross misrepresentation of science in cinema. It's obviously because I live a dessicated, funless existence and just like sh*tting on the things that other people enjoy.

But, be fair, science nerds can enjoy movies, sci-fi and life in general too, and there are quite often little bits of proper science in film and TV that make you go, "Oh, nice". These are exciting, we like these bits, and it is sometimes the thing that makes the difference between loving and hating the movie.

No film or tv show is going to be 100 percent scientifically perfect because, as much as I like to pitch a fit at inaccuracies, that would make them eye clawingly dull. Movies deal in a heightened reality and, whilst this can lead to some scientific, ahem, creativity, it can also sometime result in some properly exciting futurism.

Star Trek has famously predicted a lot of future tech, from mobile phones to 3D printers, and it often does this by taking existing scientific concepts, extrapolating, exaggerating and sexing them up until the look like sci-fi.

So, these movies may not be scientifically perfect (and thank god for that), but that makes us appreciate the little glimpses even more.

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