8 Actors Desperate To Hide The Truth In Movies

7. Roger Moore's "Awkward" Run - All Of His Bond Movies

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Actors can be insecure about many different things, but Roger Moore had an especially strange hang-up - he hated his own run.

Across his seven-film tenure as James Bond, Moore insisted upon having a body double for any shots where 007 had to run, because Moore was self-conscious about his apparently "awkward" run.

And so, almost any time you see Moore's Bond picking up significant speed on screen, note that you won't see Moore's face in the shot, because it isn't him performing the scene.

On one hand it's not in any way noticeable unless you know about it beforehand, but on the other, it makes one wonder precisely what Moore's run actually looked like. Was he overstating the case, or did he go full-on Phoebe in Friends?

Either way, it's tough to picture a modern-era Bond actor getting away with such an odd request, especially given the greater physicality of the contemporary Bond flicks.


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