8 Actors Pissed Off By Their Movie Character Deaths

5. Marcus Chong - Tank (The Matrix)

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Warner Bros. Pictures

Whatever happened to the lovable operator Tank from the Matrix? He was a major part of the first movie, then disappeared for the rest of the trilogy despite his apparent importance aboard the Nebuchadnezzar.

Actually, he was unceremoniously killed off-screen after the first movie.

Why would the Wachowskis do such a thing, you ask? Marcus Chong, the actor who played Tank, ended up getting a little too big for his boots and found himself booted from the sequel.

Actually, Tank was written out of the sequels due to some pretty odd behaviour. After a standard disagreement over salary, Tank was killed off-screen. Chong then decided to sue Warner Bros. over his character's omission from the rest of the trilogy, with the actor going as far as to claim that the studio attempted to paint him as a terrorist.

Chong's behaviour since has made it quite clear that he hasn't forgiven the studio for writing him out of the movies. He's had a few minor acting credits since, but his antics with Warner Bros. have earned him a reputation which makes casting directors want to steer clear of the actor.


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