8 Actors Who Got Famous Off Just One Scene

From D-list to A-list in one swift, brief appearance!

Hit Girl Kick Ass
Universal Pictures

Hollywood is a glorious and disgusting place.

For as quick as you can be the brightest star in the Hollywood skyline, you can be instantly turned to the dirtiest of trash on the Hollywood sidewalk. It's a cold, clinical, and cynical business - but hey, when you get that glimmer of 'making it', time's are good.

And time's were very good for the people featured here in this feature.

While some actors are given an entire picture to headline and steer to success, others are merely afforded a brief scene or two to showcase their talents. And it's in these few scenes where some of the biggest stars of today have made their mark and fired themselves to the A-list.

It's on that school of thought that we're driving our attention here, as we look at those people who made an instant mark that set them on the rise to being huge stars based on only a few minutes on screen - those guys and gals who shot themselves to superstardom off the back of one certain scene.

Here, then, are eight actors who got famous off just one fleeting on-screen appearance.


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