8 Actors Who Have Only Made One Good Movie

7. Hayden Christensen - Shattered Glass

shattered glass

Oh, Hayden Christensen. Though he's forever destined to be remembered for his shambolic performance as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels - which, despite being terrible, received inexplicably OK reviews - Christensen appeared in his single genuinely good movie to date in-between the release of Episode II and Episode III.

2003's Shattered Glass saw Christensen earn rave reviews for playing disgraced journalist Stephen Glass, and it seemed to indicate greater things for the actor once his Star Wars tenure was up.

As it turned out, the toxic reception to the Star Wars movies thoroughly tainted his career, condemning him to nothing more than generic action-shlock and, recently, straight-to-VOD thrillers and rom-coms that have been panned across-the-board. When you're starring in a theatrically-unreleased samurai movie co-starring Nicolas Cage, you know things are bad.

He's clearly got more to offer, but the trust from studios just isn't there following Star Wars. At least he got handsomely paid, right?


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