8 Actors Who Have Only Made One Good Movie

Flukes or terrible bad luck?

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Whether these actors fell into a single great movie by accident or have always been solid performers who clearly need to be a little pickier, each one has just the single significant good movie to their name.

Things could be worse, of course: neither Ashton Kutcher nor Jennifer Love Hewitt have appeared in a single critically acclaimed film in their entire decades-long careers, but even so, after a point these critical losing streaks become less-amusing and more depressing.

8. Marlon Wayans - Requiem For A Dream

Requiem For A Dream Marlon Wayans
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Marlon Wayans might be the most frustratingly squandered talent on this list, because while he's best known for playing Shorty in the Scary Movie franchise and starring in an increasingly desperate slew of awful "comedies", he sure can act.

Wayans' single major role in an acclaimed movie is in Darren Aronofsky's devastating, masterful 2000 drama Requiem for a Dream, where he played enterprising drug dealer Tyrone.

Alongside the effusive praise for the film as a whole, Wayans was singled out as a fantastic part of the ensemble, and it seemed to point towards a bright future for him. Sadly Wayans opted to follow this up with the likes of Dungeons and Dragons, White Chicks, Little Man, the Haunted House movies, and so on.

It wouldn't be surprising if he one day randomly turned up in a great movie, but at the same time, Wayans could easily keep dining out on the same old shtick until the end of time.


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