8 Actors Who Seriously Injured Themselves For Movies

1. Jim Caviezel Goes Through Hell For The Passion Of The Christ

Passion Of The Christ
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It ain'€™t easy being Jesus - Jim Caviezel can attest to that. A relative unknown at the time he was cast, director Mel Gibson clearly decided he had exactly what it took to play the son of God: a beard, a Catholic upbringing and the initials J. C. Caviezel claims he acknowledged from the moment he was cast that the film could very well end his career and admits now that great roles have been rather hard to come by.

However, whilst he might have geared himself up to be savaged by the critics, he surely wasn'€™t prepared for the beating he€™d take in the process of actually playing the role. During filming, Jim suffered more than any other actor on this list. His on-set injuries included a dislocation caused by dropping a 150-pound crucifix on his shoulder, a 14-inch whip wound courtesy of an overzealous extra going hell for leather during the scourging scene, hypothermia at the hands of an Italian winter and being hit by lightning whilst filming the Sermon on the Mount.

Honestly, it€™s almost as if Someone was trying to tell them something€ Far from celebrating the end of filming with a stiff drink and a relaxing weekend at a spa, Jim completed his work, hung up his crown of thorns and then proceeded straight to hospital to undergo heart surgery. Which other actors suffered extreme pain for their craft? Share any we missed down in the comments.

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