8 Actors Who Should Come Out Of Retirement For One Last Role

It's just so hard to let go.

Hollywood actors: they're so fickle. One day they're the stars of a long-running sitcom, the next they've decided to leave the industry to join a monastery. In fact, they're almost as fickle as moviegoing audiences. Because if there's one thing we as moviegoers do exceedingly well, it's kick actors to the curb when they let us down, or when we've found a newer, hotter actor to heap all of our praise and money onto. This volatile relationship between actor and audience has forced Hollywood to lose out on a lot of untapped potential. Because when an actor decides to go into retirement, it usually takes a lot to drag them back out of it. But maybe, just maybe, they don't all want to stay retired, they just don't think they have enough support to take a chance on a career resurgence. After all, who wants to put themselves in a position to be rejected yet again? Or maybe some of these retirees are on the fence and just need a gentle push to get back in the game, like a retired con man who requires minimal coercion to finish one last job. Whatever the case, there are a few too many actors who hung it up when they still had so much to give. And we're not asking them to move back to Los Angeles for the long haul. We just want to see them shine one final time.
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