8 Actors Who Unexpectedly And Brilliantly Played Against Type

Thinking (and acting) outside the box.

Most actors are prone to being typecast €“ whether it€™s a tone of voice, a particular look or a knack for a certain genre, the movie industry will swiftly size them up and then throw into a little box. Perhaps one marked €˜plummy villain€™ if they happen to be an English man, or €˜scream queen€™ if they€™re a well-endowed lady with a helluva set of lungs. In some ways, this can be great; a lot of actors seem to just be having a bloody good time re-treading the same ground. Not to mention becoming the poster child for a certain kind of character will often mean you€™re a shoe-in for any role that fits that particular mould and regular work is a brilliant thing. One finds it hard to imagine Danny Trejo complaining about being cast in the same role, ad infinitum. After all, playing numerous B-movie tough guys has kept him in greasy black wigs for years. However, some performers just aren€™t content to be one-trick ponies. Not for them the comfortable road of carbon-copy role after carbon-copy role. Here are eight actors who stuck two fingers up at convention and turned in brilliant performances that defied all our expectations.

Jen is an actor, writer and clown, living and working in London.