8 Actors Who Were Confused While Filming Movie Scenes

7. Dennis Greene Was Taken Aback By Martin Lawrence And Will Smith's Intimidation Tactics (Bad Boys 2)

Bad Boys Will Smith
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When you're making a movie starring two larger-than-life personalities like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, there are inevitably going to be scenes where those actors play around, push boundaries, and have a bit of fun with the moment.

And that's exactly what they did in Bad Boys II - just ask Dennis Greene.

In the film, Greene plays Reggie, who is dating Megan, the daughter of Lawrence's character. In one scene, he shows up at her house to take her out, only for Lawrence and Smith to unload a stream of "protective parent" abuse upon the poor guy.

Now, Greene knew that the scene would involve his character being intimidated by Lawrence - who was instructed to be as big an a-hole as possible - but what he didn't know was how far things would go, or that Smith would also be joining in on the fun.

So, that look of confusion and nervousness on Greene's face when Smith starts waving a gun in front of him? That's somewhat genuine. The poor young actor had no idea what he was in for, and Smith and Lawrence clearly took advantage of that.


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