8 Ball-Busting Scenes That Leave All Men Crossing Their Legs


If there€™'s one thing all men can agree on, it€™'s that being hit in the balls hurts. A lot. We may not have a clue about the agony of childbirth, but when it comes to having your crown jewels impacted upon there'€™s no greater feeling to unify a gender.

Some sadistic directors are full aware of this. While common in slapstick €“ no matter how painful, there is something seriously funny about seeing a guy hit hard in the nards €“- the most grotesque, gasp-inducing moments tend to come in more straight faced pieces, using the tone to disturb us beyond the length of the the film. There€™'s plenty of cases where horrific ball torture is merely anticipated €“ €˜Chopper, sick balls€™ in Stand By Me and the laser scene from Goldfinger €“- and in some cases humour is found in no pain (Indy vs. the Nazi hulk in Raiders).

As memorable as all these moments are, here in this list we're looking at the sheer horror/humour of the pain. So grab a stiff drink and prepare yourself as we run down ten of the worst ball busting scenes in cinema. Warning: Men may find this a rather painful experience.

8. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid €“- Starting€ Now

20th Century Fox

Thanks to endless quoteability, a sharp sense of humour and The Greatest Cinematic Duo Of All Time„, Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid managed to become one of the quintessential entries in a genre it was setting out to pastiche. But while for much of its run time it's referencing back through the history of westerns, in the world of groin injuries it is a pioneer.

When the two return to the Hole-In-The-Wall, home of their eponymous gang, Butch'€™s leadership has been challenged by the gruff Harvey Logan (the same real life person Kid Curry from Alias Smith and Jones, a show inspired by this film, was based on). The dishonourable Harvey intends for an honourable fight, but the whipsmart Butch commits a most likeable case of cheating and knees Harvey in the balls before knocking him out in one punch.

This is the only really humorous entry on this list and places thanks to the brutality of the victim and the sheer casualness with which the pain is inflicted; coming from such an unexpected source guarantees that you will flinch.


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