8 Batman Villains Who Haven't Appeared In A Movie Yet

These villains are still hiding in the shadows.

Professor Pyg
DC Comics

With the latest Hollywood outing from the Caped Crusader, Batman has now appeared in 12 live-action movies (13 if you count the Synder cut version of Justice League as a separate movie), going all the way back to Adam West's wonderfully campy outing, to the dark and dreary world of Robert Pattinson's iteration. This beats out every major MCU hero, Spider-Man in all of his different versions, and even Superman himself.

With all of those Batman movies though, there's been a surprisingly little amount of variation in movie appearances for Batman's rouges' gallery. There's been multiple versions of Bane, multiple versions of the Riddler, multiple versions of Catwoman, and more versions of Joker than you can throw a pack of cards at, but while a lot of the major players have appeared, they've still barely scratched the surface of villains they can use.

Batman's rouges' gallery is one of the most varied and consistently entertaining in all of the comics' industry, and as such, there is still a decent amount of characters who have yet to grace the silver screen.

For the purposes of this list, we are only counting the live-action movies, which means stuff like the Lego Batman Movie does not count (despite how fantastic it is). With that in mind, let's see who has yet to see the bright lights of Hollywood.

8. Clayface

Professor Pyg
DC Comics

When you really think about it, it's kind of surprising that Clayface hasn't appeared in a movie yet. He's appeared in the Arkham games, the Lego games, he's a prominent villain in the comics and has appeared in almost every Batman cartoon ever, yet they just have not pulled the trigger on getting the clay monster into a Hollywood movie.

While there's been a few different versions, the one that most people are familiar with is Basil Karlo, an actor that took a substance that mutated him into the shapeshifting creature he is today. His new form drove him insane, quickly cementing himself as a main player in Gotham's underworld. Having plots going from simple bank robbery to murder, using his shapeshifting powers to steal the identities of people like Bruce Wayne, Clayface is someone that could have easily been a minor or major villain in a Batman film.

However, with The Batman's apparent focus on more grounded characters, it could take even longer for Karlo to make his big screen debut.


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