8 Best Comic Book Movie Deaths

Hello darkness my old friend...

Superhero deaths are a dime a dozen, not only in the comics but in their filmic adaptations as well. It's an easy way for those telling the story to raise the stakes and earn a cheap emotional response from their audience - although that cynicism can easily fade away if a death scene is earned, and done right. The heroic lives that comic book characters tend to live easily lend themselves to intense situations where death can be right around the corner. Given the right motivation, a hero will happily pay the ultimate price to save a life, and those tend to be the most poignant and memorable deaths captured in comic books and their movies. Omitted from this list are any notable deaths which are integral to the development of a hero from their origin story; no Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy or Bucky Barnes will be found here. These deaths are too easy, in a way, as they are so iconic and easy to achieve on camera on account of their familiarity to fans. Instead, the important points are the deaths that came unexpectedly, were wholly shocking or were simply devastatingly done...

8. Agent Coulson - The Avengers

Coulson€™s death ultimately ends up being the driving force between the Avengers coming together, and it€™s a great moment that€™s well-earned. Considering the fact that Coulson eventually became the glue of the MCU€™s Phase One - popping up in Iron Man 1 and 2, and setting Thor up, it became only natural that his character be the final step in cementing the team.

It€™s just a shame that it had to be done with his death - although it makes the most sense. Running afoul of Loki, by trying to stop him no less, was a heroic end for stoic agent. It€™s a shame he fell for the ol€™ disappearing illusion trick, but what can you do. Thor falls for it all the time.

The kicker is his final line, dripping with Whedonitis - €œThis was never going to work if we didn€™t give them something to€€. You can picture it now, Whedon€™s self-satisfied smile, stroking a cat probably. But goddamn if it doesn€™t work a treat.


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