8 Best Misdirections In Horror Movies

Those times when the horror genre completely swerved its audience.


The horror genre is a special place, laced in a multitude of different subgenres, styles, tones, and never-ending franchises.

While some would argue that horror is all about the scares, others would argue it's about the tension, and others would argue it's about finding an engaging, disturbing antagonist. And then there's the appreciation of a good ol' case of misdirection.

Many a filmmaker has loved nothing more than taking their audience on a certain path, only to hit a major fork in the road that completely flips on its head what we'd come to believe was true about the movie. Call it a plot twist, call it a swerve, call it a calculating, head-spinning trick of wizardry - but here we're simply going to label it as misdirection in its finest form.

Of course, misdirection can come in different forms, yet the overarching objective of such a change in direction is one designed to keep an audience on its toes, to keep a narrative interesting, and to hit home in a major, major way.

With that in mind, here then are eight prime examples of horror misdirection at its glorious best.

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