8 Best Movies Announced This Week (Feb 10th)

An Aquaman spin-off? Good. About The TRENCH?! WTF?

The Trench Aquaman
Warner Bros.

The Hollywood machine never sleeps. Even with a busy 2019 already set, what comes next is far from clear. Sure, there are some big tentpole releases in place for the next couple of years, but there's also room for a LOT more. And even with Awards season and early festivals dominating the news right now, we've seen thee addition of a new DC Universe movie, a comic book movie from the mind behind Deadpool and Stephen Merchant playing a serial killer this week. Exciting times.

On top of all of these new movies, Paul WS Anderson's Monster Hunter movie, starring Milla Jovovich finally has a release date, after almost a decade of development. And the long-awaited Wicked movie also has a releasee date, which is good news for musical fans. But neither of those count as new and we're all about the new announcements round this column.

So which projects announced this week deserve your attention most?

8. Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Black Panther Killmonger Death
Marvel Studios

Release: TBC

With Michael B Jordan's stock rapidly rising on the back of more great performances in 2018 in Black Panther and Creed II, his upcoming projects are inevitably attracting a lot of attention.

He's set to turn his attention away from Black Panther to Marlon James' epic African fantasy Black Leopard, Red Wolf. Billed as an African answer to Game Of Thrones and with Neil Gaiman as a big fan, the book has only just hit shelves, but according to THR, Jordan will produce via his Outlier Society for Warner Bros.

The intriguing story is set in a fantastical Africa and follows a slave trader who hires a team of mercenaries to find a kidnapped boy, led by the main character Tracker. It features giants, necromancers, witches and shape-shifters and it definitely sounds like a great companion to Black Panther for Jordan. Whether he'll star or not remains to be seen, but Tracker sounds like a great role for him.

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