8 Common Mistakes That Spoil Every Comic Book Movie

Man Of Steel1 In case you didn't know, comic book movies are the coolest thing ever now, and if you think otherwise, well... how dare you have an opinion that's not shared by the majority of the human population! Yep, good comic book movies have been entertaining us for almost a decade, and are now Hollywood's go-to thing if they want to make a lot of money. Both The Avengers and Iron Man 3 recently become the third and fifth highest-grossing films of all-time respectively, which is a feat when you consider most people who went to see them don't really read comics. Still, it's almost as if the studios are holding back: comic book movies still seem to be making the same old mistakes, over and over again, which means that - with every new release - they risk boring us. I'm not saying today's comic book movies are in any way terrible, but the majority of them continue to cling to the same old narrative tropes. When Christopher Nolan made The Dark Knight, it felt bold. Nowadays, the output seems a little... safe. Why? Well, mainly because filmmakers are scared to step into the unknown, to stop making movies from that "template." Here are 8 common mistakes that are spoiling the majority - if not all - of today's comic books movies. And please: before you scramble for the comments section in a flurry so that you can tell me "how it really is," I'd like to say that I like most of the movies I mention in this article; it's just that, after being exposed to so many comic book flicks in such a short space of time over the past few years or so, you begin to see where they're collectively going wrong. Onwards, then...

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