8 Crazy Jackass Moments To Get You Hyped For Their Return

"Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass"


What is there to say about Jackass? What started as no more than a bunch of guys messing around doing stupid stuff moved on to a major franchise and brand in which... well, they do the same thing on a bigger scale. It's all just crazy stunts and insane pranks all performed by "not so professionals".

Now with a fourth installment set for 2021, we're counting down the days before we see the Jackass boys again and what crazy stuff they come up with this time.

We've seen them on TV, then the big screen and finally in 3D and over their time on both screens, they've done some incredible things. And to get excited for the next outing, let's look back...


8. Big Red Rocket

Stunts often go wrong in Jackass. With half-baked ideas along with these guys putting them together things are bound to go wrong. The Big Red Rocket is the perfect example of this.

In theory, it seems a simple stunt and nothing new to Johnny Knoxville by a long shot. This loony toon looking rocket was meant to send him flying to the air and landing straight into the lake below but something went wrong with the rocket and its top blew off. At first, that may seem disappointing until you hear how bad it could have been.

The rocket was built with a number of metal pipes and when it was ignited they came loose and flew all over the place. One narrowly missing Knoxville and another missing a cameraman off to the side.

But with that Jackass spirt Knoxville laughs death in the face and just walks away. Not as planned but just as crazy as any other stunt.

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