8 Crazy Pixar Fan Theories

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Die.


At their best, Pixar movies are among the cleverest and deepest examples of cinema you'll find. Not bad for a company often dismissed as making films that are "for kids". As fans will understand, it's the ones who choose not to watch animation, in particular Pixar, who are missing out.

Even just looking at this year, with Inside Out they've produced what is not only the best movie of 2015 to date, but one that deals with a range of emotions in a way most 'adult' films couldn't compete with.

Their movies have heart and great characters, and can make you laugh and cry - often at the same time. Despite this depth, there is still need to go further, and find hidden meanings and links for the films. As with most things these days, there are a number of fan theories about Pixar.

They try to connect dots that are invisible, further our understanding of the world (or change it entirely), make everything even more emotional than it already is, and of course are crazier than the critters from Woody's Roundup. With two decades of movies to pore over, these are the Pixar fan theories that you need to know about.


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