8 Crazy Romantic Gestures In Movies (That Would Never Happen In Real Life)

romeo_juliet Let's be honest, when it comes to grand romantic gestures, the best most of us can hope for is a six pack and a chick flick. Maybe a quick stop at one of those yogo-bogo health-fad fro-yo stations that are perfect when you don't want your date to think you're taking this dating thing too seriously. Course, for most of us single folks, any night not spent watching Twilight with our cats is a good night (I may or may not have done this). But for our fabulous and famous movie counterparts, dating is never awkward, rejection comes with hot sex and a new love interest, and everyone lives happily ever after (well, mostly). While we, the viewer, shovel ice cream into our faces and try not to cry over our sad pathetic love lives and the fact that we can only afford PBR. Let's take a look at a few grand romantic gestures from films that would never work in real life...

8. Dirty Dancing

DirtyDancing Besides the fact that you'll never be Patrick Swayze in his prime, chances are your dance repertoire is limited to Charlie Brown head-bobbing and the Scooby-Doo (only because the Bernie doesn't count as a dance move and no one has taught you how to Dougie yet). But never fear, my movement challenged friends, there is hope for you yet. You could always declare your devotion to a woman - who happens to be pregnant (go ahead and claim it's not yours) and who isn't your main squeeze - and rush to her side whenever she needs help. Your girlfriend may find this endearing and think, "He's totally over her." But probably not.

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