8 Deleted Movie Scenes That Completely Change Classic Characters

Probably a good thing they ended up on the cutting room floor...

J Jonah Jameson Spider Man Suit

It only takes one scene to change your perception of a famous film character.

Would you think the same of, say, Iron Man, if - for no reason - he stripped naked, ran down the street screaming racist slurs and punched an old woman in the face, before the film reverted back to normal and the incident was never referred to again? As good as Robert Downey Jr. is as the titular superhero, if one of the Iron Man movies featured that scene, it'd be kind of difficult to hold the guy in the same high regard...

Whilst nothing quite as awful as that moment probably ever existed, even in a film's development stages, scenes do find end up being removed from films because they change the way that we view certain characters. Sometimes said scenes offer an interesting perspective on a character you thought you knew; most of the time, though, they're cut because it casts them in a questionable light.

It's probably a good thing that most of them were removed, to be totally honest...


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