8 Directors Who Did Crazy Things To Get Their Movies Made

Sometimes art demands sacrifice...and being a bit insane.

Making movies is tough in every conceivable way. From getting financed to scouting locations to hiring the right actors, no facet of film-making is ever considered easy. Every time a film is made it's a miracle in and of itself.

Often it falls on the director to balance each of these individual elements, to pull everything together to form a single, coherent vision. Like painters agonising over a single brush stroke, or musicians endlessly deliberating over the right note or lyric, some directors are known to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure the film turns out just as they imagined it. I'm not talking about re-shooting scenes, either. I'm talking huge acts of extraordinary physicality, acts of desperation and sometimes even acts of madness. In the end, sometimes the actors and the crew are just the tools used to carry out the job. These are the craziest examples of directors who stopped at nothing to see their vision fulfilled, regardless of the resulting quality. After all, what is health, finance and reputation in the face of memorable art?

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