8 Early Drafts That Almost Ruined Iconic Movie Endings

7. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Believe it or not, Terminator 2 originally had an extra scene tacked onto the end that would have stopped any and all sequels in their tracks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - but the weak vision of a idyllic playground is a bland note for such a powerhouse film to end on.

The sequel to Terminator, the second film improves on the first in every way. Pitting two cyborgs against each other in a bid to change the fate of humanity is always a winner. One, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is sent to save Sarah Connor and her son so they might secure a future uninhibited by evil robotics company Skynet, the other cyborg is intent on killing them.

The Ending

We see iconic smelting of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he sacrifices himself to put an end to terminator-kind after destroying the T-1000; a tragic thumbs up turning into white-hot goop the last we see of him, whilst Sarah Connor and her son watch on with a knowing sadness. He has to do it, but that doesn't mean they want him to. They've learned, grown, and most importantly survived - and will continue to thank to this sacrifice.

The Original

In initial drafts, the studio thought it would be a good idea to load up Sarah Connor in prosthetics and plan out John's career as a senator in the aftermath of aforementioned scene. Interacting with her granddaughter in the park she repeatedly saw blown to pieces throughout the film, Sarah now sits and muses upon the days they've fought for and won by destroying Skynet.

It's just unnecessary when everything that needed to be said was done so in the death of the final terminator moments before. Thank god they didn't reduce the characters to this cliched mess and dropped the addition entirely - though it does still make rounds on the internet.

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