8 EXACT Moments Classic Horror Franchises Should Have Come To An End

Sometimes less is more.

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When it comes to blood 'n' guts, body counts, gratuitous nudity, and cheering on the villain, horror hounds simply cannot get enough. So much so, that the constant demand for horror offerings has led to so many long-standing franchises dominating the genre over the years as familiar faces and familiar premises are revisited time and time again.

Now, while the whole concept of an ongoing series is something that lends itself well to horror, it doesn't take a genius to realise that sometimes these horror franchises become their own worst enemies. As in, they just don't know when to quit.

The easy money generated by churning out sequel after sequel makes horror a relatively low-risk genre for production companies and investors, and even more so these days when the profit margins generated by horror can be so high due to the low cost of financing said pictures in comparison to big-budget blockbusters.

To take a look back through the pantheon of legendary horror franchises, then, here are the precise moments where fan favourite franchises should've seen sense and just called it a day. And for some of them, that may even have meant not becoming a franchise in the first place.

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