8 Famous Movie Directors With Trademarks You Probably Never Noticed

8. M. Night Shyamalan Really Likes Using Car Accidents As A Plot Device

The Sixth Sense1As Seen In... The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs Pop quiz: what does director M. Night Shyamalan love doing more than making movies with asinine twist endings and ruining his reputation as a filmmaker with each passing year? He loves using car accidents as plot devices, that's what! Yes, the man who brought us movies like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs frequently uses the circumstances of a car crash as a major part of his movie narratives, and did so, in fact, in the three movies I just mentioned. In The Sixth Sense, you'll remember that the climactic scene between Cole and his mother took place in traffic, having occurred due to a car accident, whereas in both Unbreakable and Signs, car accidents play a crucial role in explaining the pasts of our central characters, told via flashbacks. So what is all this vehicular-based sadness telling us? M. Night has a secret fear of car crashes? Or maybe it was a subtle nod to the direction his career would take post-Signs.
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